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Nonqualified deferred compensation is crucial for attracting, retaining, and motivating your executives, directors, and key employees. To make it work, you must ensure that these highly valued performers understand NQDC.

The site is great and quite useful. I’ve been enrolled in my company’s nonqualified plan, deferring salary/bonus, for a little over a year. The content on myNQDC.com served as a good resource for answering questions and ideas I have about my personal tax/cash-flow situation.
—NQDC participant

Education And Communication Are Vital

Our goal is to help individuals, plan providers, companies, benefits and compensation professionals, and financial advisors understand this complex compensation area. You can do the same (1) by licensing our educational content for your website, print materials, newsletters, and presentations, or (2) by purchasing multiple Premium Memberships at a discounted rate.

Education and communication are vital for ensuring your NQDC motivates and retains your highly valued executives, directors, and key employees. The more education you provide through your website or print materials, the more participants will want to become involved with NQDC plans, fully understand how they work, and appreciate their value. This translates into enhanced motivation and loyalty.

Choices For Customization

All or part of myNQDC.com is available for licensing, customization, and integration under a private label or on a co-branded basis. All of our expert content can be seamlessly built right into your website. Companies, third-party NQDC providers and plan administrators, brokerage firms, financial institutions, consulting firms, and financial advisors can enhance their websites with our premium features:

myNQDC.com was developed with input from industry experts by our company myStockPlan.com, a respected publisher of educational material on legal and tax topics. Our content and tools are independent and unbiased, offering professional excellence without conflicts of interest. We therefore have the expertise, resources, and editorial independence to develop, update, and expand our content and tools in a timely and accurate way.

I was looking for a simplified yet complete go-to source for information on nonqualified plans. I like your website, as it is informative and laid out in a very logical manner.
—Susan Gorsky,
Financial Advisor,
The Gilbert Group (Merrill Lynch)

See testimonials from myNQDC.com members, and media coverage at PlanAdviser.com. Our website was also praised by Winston & Strawn partner Michael Melbinger in his prestigious Executive Compensation Blog, and by the National Center for Employee Ownership.

Flexible Range Of Services

Plan providers, whether for NQDC or stock plans, can license the content of myStockPlan.com for their plan participant and plan sponsor sites, newsletters, and other materials to demonstrate their commitment to financial education, reduce questions, and add substantial value to their administrative services. This enhances the participant experience, greatly boosting the value of NQDC and stock plans as tools for motivating and retaining executives and key employees.

For each license we tailor an offering of cost-effective content. Financial institutions and third-party plan providers also license our content and tools for staff education and training, and for client presentations. Some purchase Premium Memberships in bulk for staff use and/or distribution to clients. In addition, our Learning Center also has courses and exams offering 6 continuing education credits for Certified Financial Planners, 6 PACE credit hours for CLU® and ChFC® professionals, and 12 CPE hours for ASPPA credentialed members. Nonqualified deferred compensation providers can license these interactive courses for staff training and even customize them for special use.

I have reviewed your site and found it extremely helpful. It will be my go-to site.
—Christine M. Kerly
VP, Employee Benefits

Our sister site myStockOptions.com is a highly respected publication with award-winning educational content and tools on stock options, restricted stock, RSUs, ESPPs, SARs, performance shares, and other forms of equity compensation. Publications such as CPA Wealth Provider and Human Resource Executive have consistently honored myStockOptions.com with best-of accolades.

Our licensees get great client responses and feedback about making our content part of their services and websites. It is a good selling point for them, as both clients and prospects see our content as a wonderful value-added offering which improves the participants’ experience and understanding of their plans. This drives return visits to the websites of our licensees.

For more information on licensing content from myNQDC.com or myStockOptions.com, please send us an email at info@mystockoptions.com, or call us at (617) 734-1979.