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1. When do you decide on the distributions from a nonqualified deferred compensation plan?

2. Which of these is NOT allowed to be a distribution trigger in a nonqualified deferred compensation plan?

3. What age must you be to receive distributions from your NQDC plan?

4. At distribution, do you receive your deferred amounts as a lump sum or by installments?

5. When can you change the timing or form of a distribution from your NQDC plan?

6. What are in-service distributions?

7. Which of the following is not a permissible reason for accelerating a distribution?

8. Can you get a distribution in company stock?

9. Are distributions allowed for job loss and for financial hardship?

10. How are taxes usually collected when I receive my distributions?

11. How and when is distribution income reported for current or former employees?

12. Can you roll distributions into an IRA or a new employer's NQDC plan?

13. To avoid tax penalties under IRC Section 409A, must payment distributions occur at the exact date specified in your deferral election?

14. Can you receive a distribution in company stock?

15. When you receive distributions in company shares, do capital gains tax rates apply, or is the value of the deferred amount based on the company's stock price?