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1. Who cannot participate in nonqualified deferred compensation plans?

2. When must salary-deferral elections be made?

3. If you have just been hired or have just become eligible for the NQDC plan, how soon do you need to enroll and make deferral elections?

4. For established NQDC participants (i.e. not newly eligible), which are the most common months of the year for making deferral elections?

5. For performance-based compensation, how long before the end of the performance period must a deferral election occur?

6. Which of the following is usually not decided when you enroll?

7. What types of compensation can you elect to defer?

8. If permitted by your NQDC plan, what type of stock compensation can you elect to defer?

9. For which of the following may your NQDC plan offer you an election on the timing or form of payment for a distribution?

10. Can you change a distribution election?

11. If you change a distribution election, for how long must you redefer?

12. Which of the following is a risk you must understand before you enroll in a nonqualified deferred compensation plan?

13. When do you elect a tax-withholding rate to apply to your distributions?

14. After you defer compensation, can you borrow money from your NQDC account without violating the rules of Section 409A?

15. Can you change the deferral elections if you involuntarily lose your job?